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education datalab

Our mission is to be the UK’s centre of excellence for quantitative research in education, providing independent, cutting-edge research to support those leading education policy and practice. 

Proof of Progress (PoP) tests

This year, 81 schools are using the new Proof of Progress Tests (PoP tests) from FFT to assess writing and conceptual understanding in maths at the start and end of Year 7. 

Why aren’t we talking about further education and social mobility?

In all the recent debate over grammar schools, a sizeable group of critics has argued that they do nothing for social mobility. So why do we not hear so many voices standing up for a group of institutions that can do something about it?
These institutions are those in the further education (FE) sector. And yet, despite its track record in engaging with the less advantaged, the FE sector is fighting for its survival.

Education Datalab: Latest research report

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Floors, tables and coasters: Shifting the education furniture in England's secondary schools.